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By: Save a Baby's Life Committee | November 22, 2016

Helen Joyce had to put into practice the lifesaving skills she had learnt from attending a Save a Baby's Life workshop when her four-and-a-half-month old son started to choke.

"He was sat on my chest and his face started to go red, his eyes went bright red and he started to choke. I immediately lay him on my knee and have him back slaps, which relieved the blockage and he started to catch his breath. Suddenly, his head then slumped and his eyes rolled back. I rang for an ambulance while he continued to struggle -- he was lethargic andunresponsive.

"When the ambulance finally arrived, they checked his vital signs which were fine, but he was taken to the hospital to be checked over. I was asked by the medical staff why I was able to ...

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By: Save a Baby's Life Committee | October 22, 2016

After a month of recruiting and applications, we have recruited eleven new volunteers to our team. We're looking forward to having them join us, and we can't wait to see them in action when we begin holding sessions! See our full list of volunteers below.

By: Save a Baby's Life Committee | September 28, 2016

As UCL opens for another year, so do we! We're looking to train up more volunteers so we can keep delivering our vital sessions to parents and carers across London.

Anyone from UCL can join; whether you're a fresher or third-year, no matter what you study! We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested? Sign up here!

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We are delighted to announce that we were selected, by an independent panel of judges, as UCL Union's Student-Led Project of the Year 2015/2016!

We attended the awards ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Central London to receive our trophy and certificates -- plenty of happy smiles in the picture below! We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has come to our sessions this year, all our volunteers, and all our partnered organisations.

Here's to another successful year of SABL!

UCLU Awards Ceremony 

As term three draws to a close at UCL, so does another year at SABL.  Never fear, though; we'll be back again next year! In the meantime, if you want to contact us over the summer to register interest for a session next year, or if you're a UCL student and want to volunteer, we're always checking our emails!

We'd like to thank all our lovely volunteers for making our project happen this year...

  • Our project leaders: Zahra, Antony and Harry
  • Our volunteers: Kimia, Amy, Neeka, Hannah, Lizzi, Francesca, Eleanor, Jennifer, Camilla and Justyna.

We wouldn't have a project without you!

We're saying goodbye to Zahra Moledina as a project leader this year (thanks for everything!), and saying a big 'HELLO!' to Kimia - great to have you on board!

We're also ...