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FAQ - Attendees

If you have (or would like to be) trained by us, then this is the FAQ for you! If you're in the wrong place, go back to the main page.  

Can I bring children with me?

We are happy for you to bring children to the session, as we understand that you may want to supervise them. However, we ask that they do not distract you from your learning, as we may not have time to individually teach you parts of the session that you have missed. Centres sometimes provide a crèche - if you would like to use this, it is best to inform the centre directly.  

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Will it cost me to come to a session?

Absolutely nothing. All our sessions are 100% free, and will always be that way. At SABL, we believe that knowing how to save a life shouldn't have a price tag.

Our project runs entirely off donations from people like you, and without them, we won't be able to deliver sessions to anyone. Therefore, we would be very grateful if you could spare some money for us - every penny counts.  

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How qualified are you to teach me?

Before our volunteers can train anyone, they must undergo an assessed qualification by the Royal Life Saving Society. This involves adult, child and infant life-saving (CPR, choking and drowning). Our volunteers have a Life Support 3 qualification, and are also trained as Community Instructors.   

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Is this an official qualification?

No - our sessions are here to provide you with the knowledge of infant life support, so you know what to do if you ever come across a situation where you need to use it. You will get a certificate and a pocket-sized leaflet from our session to refresh your memory.  

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Can I come to another session?

Absolutely! To see if we have any sessions available for you to come to, check out our calendar page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, and we will notify you of our latest news monthly. To get immediate alerts, you can also contact us and we'll add you to our list. Or, for more updates when we have them, like our Facebook Page.  

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How do I book a session?

Our calendar page is the best way to see what sessions we have to offer. Unfortunately, not all centres allow people to come unless they are registered with them, so not all our sessions will be available to you.  

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I want to come to a session, but none are available - what can I do?

We really want to host as many sessions as possible for people like you, because without you, there will be no SABL! We'll work hard to get you booked into a session. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates on our latest news.
  • Like our Facebook Page, and we'll post our latest news as soon as it comes in.
  • Contact your local children's centre, hall, workplace...anywhere we can host a session at. Ask them to contact us by directing them to this website. We'd be happy to discuss our options.
  • Contact us, and we can try and arrange a place to train a group of people. We will need enough interest to hold a session, so inviting some friends/family may be helpful; we will try to advertise too.  

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Are you safe to work with?

We'd like to think so! All our volunteers have received a DBS Check, and have been certified as free of a criminal record. Everyone is hand-picked by the committee, and unsafe behaviour is not tolerated.  

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How long do sessions take?

Sessions typically last around an hour and a half. This includes administration, teaching time, time for you to practise, and time for questions. We want to ensure we are as thorough as possible: some sessions can last the full time, whereas some might not take as long - it depends on the group. 

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Up to what age does your teaching apply?

Most of our teaching time is dedicated to life support for babies and small infants. It depends on the size of the child, but typically around 6 months or under. However, we do aim to provide some teaching for older children as well. 

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I'm not a parent - can I attend?

No doubt about it - yes! We accept anyone who is willing to learn: be they parents, carers, name it.  

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What does a session involve?

Normally, you will be in a group with around 5-10 other people (depending on centre requirements), and we will be presenting to you at the front. Here's a basic outline:
  • We start by teaching you cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). You will be shown a run-through and a couple of videos.
  • You will have the opportunity to practise CPR on our baby manikins in smaller groups, and ask any questions. 
  • We will teach you what to do if a baby is choking, and once again, you will be able to practise.
  • We will then tell you what to do if a baby is drowning, with optional practice.
  • You will then be shown some scenarios that you can work through as a group.
  • To finish off, we ask you to fill out some attendance and feedback forms. You will have an opportunity to donate to us, and will receive an unofficial certificate and a leaflet which recaps what you have learnt.

If you would like us to include anything else, or have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

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I have to leave early - is this OK?

We would love you to stay and finish the session, as we want you to be as confident as possible with what we teach. However, if you do have to leave, you can do so at any time. If you would like to arrange to come to another session, see this FAQ answer.  

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Will I be tested?

We don't hold any official tests - we will correct any mistakes you might be making, and assessing how well you know the procedures while you practise, and during our presentation. If you would like to stay back at the end to run through something again, we are more than happy for you to do so.  

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Can I take notes?

Whatever helps you remember! We do give you a leaflet at the end of the session, but you may take notes if you wish. As long as you're learning with the rest of the group, we have no problems with this. 

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Can I bring friends/family with me?

It depends on the centre's policies, and whether we have enough space.

  • If you have arranged to come to a session through the centre, then please contact them to ask.
  • If you have signed up for a session on our website, you must register everyone who is coming with you individually.

If you decide to bring someone along with you without telling us, you may run the risk of the centre turning them away.

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