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About Save a Baby's Life UCL

~ UCLU Student-Led Project of the Year 2015/2016 ~

Our Volunteers

All of our volunteers are either UCL staff or students, and have been trained and qualified to teach life support. Everyone has completed a DBS check. Names marked with asterisks (*) are project leaders.


Who We Are...

Save a Baby’s Life is a voluntary organisation, run by UCL students in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society since 2011. We teach infant and child life-saving skills (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, drowning and choking) to anyone willing to learn. This can include parents and carers, but we are happy to teach anyone, of all ages. All our sessions last a maximum of two hours, but are normally one and a half hours long.

We are trained and examined independently by the Royal Life Saving Society, so all our volunteers have passed their training and have received a certificate. All our volunteers have also received a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check for the safety of you and any children.

Our aim is to make infant and child life saving just as well-known as adult first aid. Many infant or child deaths per year could have been prevented if their parents or carers knew the life-saving skills that we teach.


How We Work...

We rely on centres, volunteers and our learners for our work. We are flexible with our timings and opportunities too! Whether you’re a nursery, parent, carer, student or a community centre, you could be the one who saves a baby!

What's more - all of our sessions are absolutely free. It's as simple as turning up with a willingness to learn.

At SABL, we run entirely off donations. So, if you like our service, we'd be very grateful if you could spare some money for us.

If you want to find out more about us, feel free to ask us or check out our FAQ.


Get Involved...

Interested? Great! Here's how to get involved.


If you want to come along to one of our sessions to be taught infant life support, head over to our calendar and sign up to a session you can make.

No sessions available for you? No problem - have a look at our FAQ.


If you want us to hold a session at your centre, then you can arrange for us to come by filling out our contact form - you'll be guided through the process.

UCL Students

If you want volunteer with us, the best thing to do is to find out if we're still recruiting for the year by asking us, and subscribing to our mailing list. We normally select our volunteers by the end of October, so if it's too late, we will be happy to put you on our list to try again next year!

Our Aims

At Save a Baby's Life, we have three main aims:

  1. Educate. Education is sustainable - it is an invaluable tool to ensure our attendees and their friends/family know what to do in a life-threatening situation.
  2. Grow. We want our attendees and partners to commend us for our organisation and professionalism. We want to reach out to people across London and beyond. We want people to reach out to us too!
  3. Have fun. We want our volunteers and attendees alike to enjoy our sessions and feel as comfortable as possible.

Why trust what we say?

Head over to our reviews and testimonials page, and see what other people are saying about us. It's pretty new, so it may look a bit bare. Our annual reports might give you a taste about our project too.